About GDS

Golden Dinosaur Studio is a lifestyle clothing brand by Los Angeles designer Megan Novak-Lucas featuring beautiful clothing for women and children. Design patterns and samples are made by Megan and reproduced by either herself or by a hard-working and impeccable assistant in downtown LA.

During her lifetime, Megan traveled and lived in Spain, NYC, and Portland, Oregon before returning to her home in LA. She has spent the past several years mastering garment construction, pattern making, goods fabrication, dyeing techniques, needle arts, braiding, knotting, and tailoring clothing for her clients. She is inspired by the simplicity of raw and organic materials, the intensity of natural dyes that yield saturated, one-of-a-kind results, and creating and maintaining a peaceful home with her husband Michael and their son Indigo in South Pasadena.

Throughout her adventures, Megan has had the opportunity to work with a women's cooperative in Ahmedabad, India to help make Indian Cotton Yoked Onesies at an affordable price without compromising ethical and sustainable wages for the makers. Read here to learn more about that project.

Other than the Indian Cotton Onesies, everything is made in LA with fabric either found at "deadstock" fabric dealers in downtown LA, or through US textile company distributors. 

Please feel free to contact Megan for any special orders or customizations of styles you see.