Is this Yoked Onesie Going to Fit Me?



This is a great question that I get all of the time. It's obviously a huge concern to invest in something expensive to worry that it wouldn't work out for your body type. For one, a 'Yoked Onesie' is very roomy and forgiving. It’s just about a giant box with armholes, leg holes, and a neck hole that you can wrap up with the tie to conform to you body shape. Here are a few tips to ensure a good fit: Take a look at any of the products' measurement guides in photos. Size ‘short’ and size ‘tall’ are similar only in width (both about 50"-60" wide), but not in length. Size short is recommended for up to 5'5" and size tall from between 5'6"-5'10". Obviously they will land on your leg differently depending on your height, but somewhere between mid-calf and ankle. The biggest difference between the two is torso length. The size tall is about 36" long in the torso, which makes for a lot of room. If you're bod is curvy, keep in mind your curves will take up some of that length. If you are short but curvy, a size tall will work better for you than the short. In this photo you’ll see a few different shapes and sizes. Two of the women are wearing Stretch Jersey Yoked Onesies and one woman a Lattice Onesie. If you are concerned with movement and size of garment working with your body, a jersey onesie is really the way to go. Also, if you are not sure, please email me and tell me your height and bust size! I can help you to ensure that your onesie investment will work for you. Please see this page for all size schematics. Also, know that I guarantee fit or we will try again! <3

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