Botanical Painter Melissa Detroy Paints on Yoked Onesies!

I love collaborating. That's one of my life's callings: working together with someone else to attain a whole new beauty. Meet my friend in the photo Melissa Detroy: A friend, an artist, & an inspiring person with so much talent who helped me to troubleshoot painting onto onesies. We started our adventure with acrylic paints to see how they'd react to the raw silk. She did an amazing job- but then we dry cleaned the samples and they pretty much washed right out. Troubleshooting was the spirit.. so we found some textile paints from Dharma Trading Co called Dye-Na-Flow. We dry cleaned these samples too and voila! It worked and looked so good.

The direction of the textile design was to create giant spots of watercolor-appearing splotches. I'm so proud of her for nailing it! The price of these onesies is higher in order to thoroughly honor Melissa's work. THANK YOU MELISSA.

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